Sony WI-XB400 Wireless Earbuds Buying Guide

As noted by nearly every other reviewer out there, the Sony Ericsson W300i is an excellent value for the price. It is Sony’s low-end entry into their Walkman phones and therefore, it delivers good excellent audio either MP3 or FM channel, outstanding phone service or a lot of extras which produce the semi-pro business person in me really content. There are a few small design flaws – especially the flush, curiously shaped variety pads that many users have difficulty with and how the hands-free cable functions as a radio antennae so that you cannot listen to the radio with no hands-free plugged in – but overall, the Sony Ericsson W300i delivers excellent value for a low-end music phone.Headphones


The W300i is a departure concerning styling in the Walkman phones. The case and curved lines give it a tiny rugged look without compromising the blank details and curves. The front display is only a little below center of the telephone and the orange text and backlight is amazingly comfortable on the eyes compared to the regular blue-white of most mobile phone screens.

Music Player

The Walkman MP3 player delivers amazingly good excellent sound through the ear buds which are far better quality than the ones which are usually included with cells or via the speaker. The controls are intuitive and user friendly and it is easy to prepare and transfer playlists and songs through interface or with a special cable. The only irritation is how it is not included with the phone and the demand for the cable that is technical to match the Fast port on the telephone. The phone itself Has about 20MBs internal memory but it requires a memory stick up to 512MB which lets you store a lot more information and a great deal of songs on your phone. There is the extra bonus of music courtesy of this phone’s radio capacity. You listen on the ear buds or through the speaker and can tune into up to 20 channels. If a call comes in while you are listening, the music continues to play in the background allowing the call to be taken by you.


The camera was the reason to pick the Sony WI-XB400 review. It does deliver quality that is good for what it is with colors light good and sharp.  On the other hand using it to catch spur of the minute snapshots and send them to friends is having a superb time with hers for posting online with just a couple clicks and to her account. You get video capture and a package of applications to fool for fun with your photographs.