Painting Your Room Creates a Positive Changeover

You have done everything Possible to create your Man Cave the envy of your friends, yet you more. All you need is a hand painted logo of your favorite sports team. You may have heard of other Person Cave owners having to use expensive hi-tech projectors and other equipment to achieve this but there is another ages old way of enlarging images the masters used centuries ago. Even better does not require any special equipment other than a degree and a tape measure.

What you will need?

You want to be certain do not have a background. Other background elements and gradients, patterns might make it difficult when it comes time to replicate it. The World Wide Web is full of places where you will discover variations of the logo of your team. As for your painting provides, consider using paintbrushes of different sizes; for covering larger areas of color and ones for outlines and details, bigger ones. Make certain to pick up some paint that matches the colors in the logo. You will want to for building a grid have a measuring tape, a flat and a yard stick.


Using the Grid Method

Artists for centuries with the intention of transferring and enlarging images have used the Grid Method. Do not be concerned if you are not inclined this approach is simple.

  1. You will want to publish out your logo. Be sure that a white space is all around the borders of the picture on your printout.
  2. Now from the area you need to draw a box. You need to round the height and width of the box to make the upcoming steps as simple as possible.
  3. Create a grid filled inside the box by one inch squares.
  4. Now Pen, amount, yardstick and measuring tape, draw a bigger corresponding grid on the wall where you want the logo to go. Before you commit to one, try out various scales. Calculate what the dimensions of your son jotun logo would be if you made out your grid of 6 by 6 inch poles instead and see if this fits into your allocated space on the wall.
  5. Once you have your Grid on the wall, begin transferring the emblem and grab your pen, box from the grid that is little into the grid. If you are finding it tough to find curves and the lines in a specific area draw lines onto your grid and on the wall grid to give you reference points.
  6. All that is left is to fill in the colors of your logo and to paint over your pencil lines. Make certain to step back and looking good and compare your work to the emblem on your grid to ensure things are lining up.